Donnerstag, 1. Dezember 2011

Fresh Sewing Day

Es ist mal wieder Zeit zurück zu blicken :) Mein November war recht produktiv. 2 Taschen, eine Buchhülle, ein Mug Rug und zwei kleine Quilts.

It is time to look back :) I had a lot of finishes in November. 2 Bags, a book cover, a mug rug and two mini quilts. Quite satisfying!

Finishes November

Schaut nach, was die anderen so gemacht haben :)

Check out the other entrie :)

Fresh Sewing Day



Janine hat gesagt…

Everything looks lovely! I love the Christmas quilt :)

Carla hat gesagt…

How fun! They all look awesome!

Nic hat gesagt…

Ooh, those bags are great. Especially the ghastlies one! What patterns did you use or are they your own?

Nicky hat gesagt…

Still thinking it is all gorgeous!

diane hat gesagt…

lovely finishes

Pat hat gesagt…

Everything looks wonderful!

Leanne hat gesagt…

Such beautiful projects, it was a great month!

Sarah hat gesagt…

LOVE that last quilt...super cool and classy at the same time! Is there a pattern for it or did you just make it up?