Dienstag, 5. April 2011

Sunkissed tablecloth - Sunkissed Tischdecke

Geschafft! Gestern kam der gelbe Stoff (ebenfalls aus der Sunkissed-Kollektion) an und fix wurde das Binding angenäht. Heute schnell noch Fotos gemacht und gleich wird das Paket zur Post gebracht. Oma, ich hoffe dir gefällt es! :)

Finally done! Yesterday the yellow fabric (Moda Sunkissed too) arrived. Made a quick binding and today some pictures. I will bring it into the post office today. Grandma, I hope you like it! :)

2011-04-05 Sunkissed tablecloth

I like the back too

2011-04-05 Sunkissed tablecloth

And a sunny picture. Here you can see the colours as they are. Very bright and cheerful.

2011-04-05 Sunkissed tablecloth

And nicely folded togehter

2011-04-05 Sunkissed tablecloth

I really love bindings! I like cutting, pressing and sewing it onto the quilt. I even enjoy handsewing it onto the back. But I HATE sewing the ends together. Nearly everytime a mess! If anybody has a simple alternative I would be grateful!

2011-04-04 Binding


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